How Many Beers Should I Have?

Really. That’s the whole topic for this blog post. I’m trying to set up some specific guidelines to move the rest of my postpartum weight loss project and I need a reasonable, attainable, yet firm and specific number. One per week? It’s good for supply in nursing moms. Sooooo…one per day then? But they still have a LOT of calories. Alright, then. It’s settled. Four per week. No more, no less. And what are the other ground rules?

1. No carbs. Except: beer (obviously!), oatmeal and quinoa

2. No processed sugar. This is an addiction that just has to go. It’s worse than cocaine. (No, really, it is. Look at this Forbes article if you don’t believe me).

3. Make time for ONE, real workout per week. HIIT, strength, etc.

4. All days, hit BodyMedia goals (8000 steps, calorie burn goals and 30 minutes of moderate activity).

5. Stay accountable with one of my favorite mom buds, Sarah!

Let’s get it on! I’ll be back in tip top shape in no time (or probably by December, maybe).


3 thoughts on “How Many Beers Should I Have?

  1. It sounds like you have a great plan in place. I should probably eliminate sugar from my diet for a while…it’d be interesting to see how much weight I would lose!

    • I have done it in the past and felt AMAZING. I usually the most astonishing results when I ban alcohol, though. It’s unbelievable how poisonous that stuff is. Why does it have to be so dang GOOD!?

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