Get Sexy By Giving Sugar the Boot

If you ask me, sugar is the root of all evil. It’s addictive and you find it in pretty much EVERYTHING. I’ve actively been working to kick my habit since Ella was born (I indulged just a little too much in the sweet stuff when pregnant), and here’s a great opportunity for me to kick it in to high-gear – Keri Ford’s Sugar Momma Challenge with IgniteGirls! I did a little Q&A with her to find out more about this challenge and her relationship with the white, grainy devil we call sugar.
1. What is the hardest part for you, personally, about giving up sugar for a month? What food do you miss the most when you do this challenge? 
Where do I start? I’m human too, so the idea of giving up something I enjoy is scary at first, but more empowering the further along I become successful. I like that feeling, and know that if participants can make it past the first week or two, that they will feel this same sense of accomplishment. I miss the freedom of convenience with things that are seemingly healthy, such as flavored yogurt, but it’s also fun to challenge myself too. While flavored yogurt is still a better choice than a muffin, it’s still laced with additional sugars beyond the ones found naturally in fruit.
2. How will giving up sugar help participants with fitness gains? 
Not only will participants feel energetic making their workouts that much more kick ass, but their everything will completely transform. Physically, participants will feel less tired, especially around that normal afternoon slump time, which usually results in reaching for quick pick-me-up in the form of a sweet. At first, they may go through a slight withdrawal, such as headaches or feeling more sleepy before they start to feel better, but after a few days this should subside by supplementing with some additional fruit and/or water.
If you don’t have much weight or inches to lose, there are still a ton of benefits that will be visible. You’ll be able to crush your workouts with even more passion, your hair, skin and nails will glow as you continue to detox from sugar, and you may even start seeing a reduction in cellulite and wrinkles due to improved skin elasticity.
Mentally, making healthier choices every day, at every meal will give them confidence that they CAN do 30 days of anything. The Sugar Momma Challenge™ is beyond just giving up sugar and talking about it’s negative effects. It’s not realistic to swear off sugar forever (or anything for that matter). It’s kind of like hitting a reset button so you can reintegrate sweets with a smarter, more educated perspective, while still enjoying treats a few days a week. Some of us have gotten caught up in the cyclical nature of “needing sugar” and this will help us break those walls down while re-establishing some soft boundaries.
3. What are some suggestions for great things to snack on when a sugar craving comes calling? 
First you have to identify if it’s a true craving. If your blood sugar is low, trying pair a natural source of sugar with a fat or a protein, like sliced apple with peanut butter. Low blood sugar symptoms may be headache, sleepiness and/or dizziness.
But if you are just bored and wandering around the kitchen opening and closing cabinets, try a distraction like hot tea, a small bowl of frozen fruit (it takes longer to eat) or water (you might just be thirsty). If all else fails, try a Sugar Momma makeover on a sugar-laden treat by opting for a protein shake instead of a milkshake, for example.
4. Socially, how do you suggest people address not being able to participate if friends or family are being sassy about a participant not drinking alcohol, eating dessert, etc? What are some good coping strategies? 
This is a tough one. Most of the time, disapproval or lack of support is the projection of someone else’s insecurity. At the root of it? They feel like it’s something they could never do. Being open and honest about why this is important to you will hopefully inspire instead of invite criticism. You can also try to come from a place of positivity and love with your delivery.
Offer reassurance. Change is a scary thing for people, even if they aren’t the one initiating it. They may feel that their normal Friday night wine date with you will become a thing of the past, or that Grandma’s famous pie won’t be around forever (“life is short!”). You still love them and you aren’t going anywhere, but sometimes they need to hear you remind them.
5. When you AREN’T giving up sugar? What is your favorite treat to indulge in?
Hands down, ice cream! My favorite is hand-scooped coffee ice cream topped with mini gummy bears. Weird, but totally delicious.
Head to in order to sign up, submit before pictures (to be eligible for prizes) no later than August 30th at 11:59pm EST and complete the challenge! Good luck to everyone!

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