My Sugarless September

Last month, I went off sugar as part of the IgniteGirl’s “Sugar Momma” challenge. I had participated in this program once before, but declined to partake last year because I was pregnant and pretty sure I couldn’t live without eating a Reese’s pumpkin every time I went to the store. But this time around, it was JUST what I needed.

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When I don’t consume sugar, it pretty much leaves me at the top of my healthy eating game. I take down lots of veggie stir fry meals, as well as the occasional meat-focused dish. But I don’t feel like I have to really “track” what I’m eating because it’s ALL. GOOD. STUFF.

I eased myself out of the dessert rut by developing a new nighttime snack. I would take half a banana, put two spoonfuls of peanut butter on top and sprinkle it with cinnamon. It really did the trick and I honestly stopped craving the chocolate after only a couple of weeks, which is a HUGE part of the reason I opted to do the sugar challenge in the first place.

Though I hardly had any time to “work out” during this time period, it really kickstarted fat loss for me and I am happy to say that I am finally back in a LOT of the pairs of pants I was wearing pre-pregnancy. I don’t have the muscle tone I used to (really need to MAKE the time to work on that), and I still have a little bit of fat to drop, but it was an amazing start. I’ve been indulging a bit for our anniversary and my birthday, but I’m actually planning to take another month off of sugar and booze before the holidays roll around. Always good to start ahead of the game before a season of tasty treats.

The most important component of a challenge like this (for me) is the mindset and emotional approach. It helps reset my brain about why I enjoy healthy eating in the first place and puts me back in a place of more discerning snacking. I had gone off the rails a bit, but I’m happy to report that this challenge put me back in my place. I’m ready to eat well, stay active and fit in fitness anywhere I possibly can. Starting with some amazing Sunday morning hikes with my family.


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