Ella’s 1st Christmas

Happy Holidays, to all! I’ve been breaking my neck with work the past couple of months (Dan and I want to do all the pretty things to our new house, but they all cost money? Whaaaaaaat?) and using spare moments to either soak up my sweet Ella OR watch How to Get Away With Murder … addicting! But I miss my bloggie, so here I am to talk about Ella’s first holiday season. Technically, it’s her second, but given that she was only a few weeks old at this time last year, I’m gonna say that this is the first one that really counts. Here are some of the things we’ve been doing to make her holiday season special:

Setting the stage with a new tree and TONS of decorations.

Ella L-O-V-E-S the Christmas tree. She points to it the SECOND it starts to get dark every evening and squeals loudly as a reminder that I need to turn it on.

She was so obsessed with it, in fact, that we got her a mini version for her room (which she now points to as soon as she gets up in the morning to order me to turn it on).

IMG_6187 2

We also made Ella a Christmas tree that she could decorate and “un-decorate” as frequently as she likes. We cut it out of felt and made little ornaments (also out of felt) that she can mix and match, swap and stick to her heart’s content.


A Few Holiday-Specific Outfits

What’s the holiday season without a few festive items of clothing? I tried not to go TOO nuts, but there are so many great choices out there!

A Visit to Santa

Although I wasn’t willing to subject Ella to the craziness of visiting Santa at the mall (not to mention the pressure of warming up to the guy only moments after meeting him for the sake of one picture!), we had a fun opportunity come up through my parents’ new neighborhood with a more private party that would feature Santa. Ella still wasn’t willing to sit on his lap, but that was totally OK by me and I didn’t force her.


Fun Holiday Books and Toys

For Ella’s conveniently timed birthday, my mom and I bought her a plethora of holiday-themed books to get her in the spirit. The best ones sing songs like Frosty the Snowman or Up on the Housetop.


We also got her a Fisher Price Little People Santa and Reindeer set. She loves it and I think it will be a really fun tradition to break it out every December for the next couple of years. She also loves playing with my MOM’S Christmas toys … most notably a singing snowman that came from Hallmark a couple of years ago.


Christmas Themed Events and Parties

Ella and I are lucky enough to have an amazing group of friends here in Charlotte that love celebrating the holiday season as much as we do. We’ve been to holiday parties and playdates, watched Christmas movies with friends and headed out hunting for new holiday events, like the hot chocolate bar and “Gingerbread Lane”at a beautifully decorated local hotel.



Making our OWN Gingerbread House

Hindsight being 20/20, it probably wasn’t the SMARTEST idea to have Ella help with this, as she obviously wanted to eat all the house’s decorations, and we’re still attempting to keep her sugar free. Whoops! I gave her some pomegranate seeds to munch on while we worked, which seemed to work this year.


Of course, this all culminates with the Big Kahuna … Christmas Day. Ella is sure to be rolling in presents and fun, new toys. I’ve had so much fun introducing Ella to my favorite time of year!

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