Gift Guide for a 1 Year Old

Prior to having Ella (and even most of the time NOW), I was at a complete loss when it came to buying gifts for children. I was not in the know about what was age-appropriate or which gifts wouldn’t frustrate the heck out of the parents of said child. But now, I have a fairly good grasp on what to buy … my kid. I’m hoping that as she continues to grow, I will be able to add more age groups to my repertoire, but for this Christmas, the only age I feel comfortable providing counsel on … is 1 year olds. Here are some ideas:

Walking Toys

Some babes are walking before the age of 1. Some (like Ella) are getting in a TON of practice, but haven’t quite mastered it yet. That makes it the perfect age for toys that help with that.

The EverEarth Activity Walker is made of wood for those who are adamantly against plastic, and it doesn’t sing or have flashing lights, which is sure to be a crowd pleaser among adults. It has a bit of a wider base, which will help encourage even the most timid walkers to take steps.


Image from Toys R Us



Personally, I cannot emphasize this enough. We love to read with Ella and it’s really starting to pay off. I can tell that she has “favorites” she likes to go through over and over, and she’s beginning to repeat some of the words that she’s learned while we read (kitty, puppy, duck plus a couple of others). We always read her a book before every nap and bedtime, plus any other time of day we can sneak it in. Right now, I really try to stick to board books, as she likes to turn the pages herself and even though MOST of the time she is “gentle,” she has a tendency to get excited, which leads to ripped pages. She also really can’t focus on books too much longer than ten pages, and each page can only have a few words on it. We’re working on extending her attention span, but … she’s only one! She loves anything with texture, flaps or noise.

Eric Carle is always a good bet, and this one makes noise to boot.


Image from Amazon



Ella is finally starting to get the concept of “building things,” and these blocks are helping TONS with her awareness of sequences and the fine tuning of her motor skills. She also loves to yell “KABOOM” when she knocks down the towers she makes. I love these soft, colorful blocks from Infantino.


Stocking Stuffers

It is a fact: babies LOVE to take things out of other things. So a stocking is the perfect Christmas morning surprise full of discoveries. Here are a few things going in Ella’s stocking.

New bibs – she has absolutely outgrown the “baby” ones, and these from Maxy Moo Moo have a waterproof layer to help with all that water she dribbles down her chin at dinner.


Image from Amazon

Shoes – I know she will be running around the house (and outside) before we know it, so shoes seemed like a fitting and timely item. I chose these Old Soles because of how soft and flexible they are. They won’t inhibit the natural movement of her feet, but the leather should provide some protection.


Image from Zappos

MORE Books! (I told you we were book-crazy in this house.) These mini board books from Fisher Price are the perfect size for stockings and also fit well in the diaper bag or my purse to make sure we have a bit of literature with us wherever we go.


Image from Amazon


Any great gift ideas I missed out on? What is everyone else getting the littles in their lives this holiday season?

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