January Booze Break

During the holiday season, overindulgence is frequently the name of the game. Whether it’s candy, cookies, pie, beer or wine … lots of folks throw discipline to the wind in the name of having a good time with family and friends. So it’s pretty lucky that January 1st is right around the corner in all of its New Year’s Resolution glory, eh?

While I can give myself a pat on the back for not partaking in any desserts throughout the holiday season, I pretty much canceled it out by drinking alcoholic beverages far too frequently. I reason, “I’m not going to have dessert, so I’ll have a glass (or two) of wine.” Unfortunately, just like food overindulgences, mine has annoying side effects that have left me in dire need of a detox.

The trend of dry January seems to be catching fire even outside our household. Check out this article from NPR for further proof.


Image from NPR

Though I’m getting a bit of a late start on mine due to family visits that extended until the middle of January, I’m still going to see it through for at least a whole month. The next “planned” drink I have is a glass of champagne with my husband on Valentine’s Day.

The most annoying part is not abstaining from alcohol in of itself; it’s breaking the habit. Since I might generally enjoy a beer while watching football or a glass of wine to unwind after Ella goes to bed on a Tuesday, I’ll just find replacements. New and exotic flavors of tea. Frozen bananas in the blender (the closest I’ll come to eating ice cream these days). An evening yoga session.

I’ve done this enough times to know that it’s only the first few days that are difficult. Once I get used to not drinking, I hardly even think about it anyway. I also know how great I always feel when going to bed at night, getting up in the morning, and even all throughout the day. I have heightened energy, more opportunity to drink water instead and the sleep I am getting is of much higher quality.

Cheers to kicking off 2016 with a clear mind (I’m toasting you with my new Trader Joe’s herbal tea, of course).


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