Getting Babies Hooked on Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a huge staple in my life. I don’t particularly believe in juicing (another post for another time, but in short: it’s expensive, and doesn’t include as many important nutrients as a smoothie does). With a high-powered blender (I L-O-V-E my Blendtec), I can throw in a wide array of ingredients for taste or health purposes. Anyway, I don’t have to wax poetic on smoothies. Y’all have been to Jamba Juice. You get the point.

For Ella, it’s the perfect solution because other than nursing and her water bottle, she doesn’t have too many choices on the liquid menu. Not to mention, it’s fairly difficult to get her to eat leafy greens because most of the time, the texture makes it impossible for her to chew. This is a great way to get her acclimated to kale and spinach, as well as throw some extra veggies her way. I started out with the recipe below, and it was a HUGE hit.

Baby's 1st Green Smoothie (1)

I think the smoothie mustache on this cutie says it all!

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