Drink Local (in Charlotte, NC)

Since I was seven months pregnant when we first moved to Charlotte, I didn’t get the jumpstart on tasting local brews like Dan did. We would go to dinner, lunch or the grocery store and he would gush about this brewery or that one while I bided my time. Luckily, since Ella was born, I’ve more than made up for the time I missed by trying as many Charlotte, NC breweries as I can. There are so many, with new ones popping up every day. They are SO family-friendly; we usually just pop Ella in her portable, clip-to-the-table high chair and she hangs out happily while we sample the brews. All the breweries allow dogs as well, and she loves watching them. Here are the best ones we’ve tried so far.

Birdsong Brewing


Image from Birdsong website

The taproom is a ton of fun with plenty of space and seating, plus an awesome outdoor area with bags and other games (although I have to admit, pretty much all the breweries we’ve been to have all those things). Because I am an IPA-addict (not because it’s trendy, but because it seriously tastes amazing to me), Higher Ground is my favorite. Dan likes the Jalapeno Pale Ale.


Sycamore Brewing


Image from Sycamore Brewing Facebook Page

We went to this brewery one time and caught some live music in their beer garden, which was really fun. They change the beers SO frequently here that it’s almost impossible to claim a favorite. These brews are also quite difficult to find in grocery stores, restaurants or bars. You gotta just head to the brewery!

Red Clay Ciderworks


Image from Red Clay Facebook Page

They have AMAAAAAZING cider. But they have beer too. And root beer. And wine. It’s amazing.


None of these places serve food, but there’s a huge food truck contingency around each brewery to draw from. You can also bring your own (which we usually do) or order delivery from a local restaurant.

Anyone have any great Charlotte breweries we should check out?

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