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Between playtime with Ella, putting in my hours at work, cooking dinner, keeping the house looking SOMEWHAT presentable, washing cloth diapers, keeping Ella in clean PJ’s, and a million other tiny little tasks that seem to suck up most of my days … I try to fit in fitness. I’ll be the first to admit that I could probably do it more consistently if I woke up an hour before Ella does. BUT, as a “new” mom, I reserve the right to sleep when I can for the time being. SO – I’m left with working out as long as I can while Ella will put up with it. One of my favorite new solutions for quick, at home workouts, is FitStar.


Image from AdWeek

They have a personal trainer app and a yoga app. I have both downloaded, though I have yet to actually go through an entire 30-40 minute yoga routine. The personal trainer routines, on the other hand, are about 15 minutes and I LOVE THEM. They choose two muscle groups to work on: back, arms, legs, core, etc, and then mix bodyweight exercises with cardio.


Image from MacWorld

The commentary and music are not annoying (a huge plus and definitely not a given in these kinds of apps). I haven’t taken the plunge to upgrade out of the free version yet, so I am currently only getting two workouts per week, but given my schedule, that’s been fine by me. I’ve only been doing it for a couple of weeks, but I really love it. You rate how hard each exercise was for you when you finish it, so ostensibly I should be getting tougher workouts as I progress (I DO know that I’m on Level 4 legs … whatever that means).

At some point, maybe I’ll join a gym or do some CrossFit/Orange Theory/FlyWheel. But for right now, this is an amazing solution for me. Added bonus: Ella thinks it’s HILARIOUS when I run in place.

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