Hitting the Dusty Fitness Trail

After months of half-@$$ing my fitness and using my postpartum status as an excuse, I’m finally getting back on track in a much more real way. Usually women are cleared for working out at six weeks after giving birth. We’re just going to pretend that my runway was more like 14 months (what?! how is Ella that old!?). I’ve done a few things here and there, and over the summer I actually got into a really good groove of running/walking every day and doing some strength training afterward. But nothing has really been sustainable. I’m going to MAKE it sustainable. Here are some things I’m doing:


Image from le-clubfitness.com

I signed up for a 5K. Dan and I are going to run it together at the end of March. We’ve already started “training,” and boy oh boy do I have some work to do there…

I signed up for FlyWheel. I purchased a five pack of classes and recruited some friends to go with me this weekend. I anticipate the first ride back in the saddle is going to be brutal, but it’s such a great workout, and paying for it holds me accountable.

I signed up for an arm bootcamp. One of my good friends and fellow first time moms, Becky (who has co blogged with me a few times before) has started offering a variety of personal training and fitness options. If I can get my guns to 1/10 the shape hers are in … I’ll be a happy gal!

I started a pushup challenge. Can you tell that I’m really interested in re-shaping the muscles in my arms? Need to make carrying that babe around even easier!

I bought a new yoga mat. Classes, DVD’s, YouTube time with Lesley Fightmaster … yoga after Ella goes to bed is now becoming mandatory more frequently in my life.

I bought new workout clothes. I haven’t done this in a VERY long time. I’m giving Fabletics a shot!

Hopefully all of these things add up to my getting my workout mojo back. I’m slowly working on waking up earlier and earlier so that I can fit a workout in before Ella gets up one or two days a week. I’m getting serious about fitting fitness in on the weekend when Dan is home to watch the babe. I’m taking her with me in her stroller as I take advantage of living in the south (aka – 70 degrees in February) and go for runs outside. Someday I’ll really bite the bullet and join a gym with daycare. Unless Dan finally fulfills his promise of building me a stellar home gym.

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